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Traditional Apple Frangipane Flan

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Chez Bruno, Lorgues, France

One of the best restaurants in France is located in a small fortified Provencal town known as Lorgues. Chez Bruno is run and owned by the master of the truffle also known as the truffle king, Chef Clement Bruno. It is three kilometers away from the centre of Lorgues in the Var Back country of the French Riviera in the South of France. The cuisine at Chez Bruno is based on the prized truffle, which is included in almost every dish, if not all, served at the restaurant. Chef Bruno uses more than 5000 kilograms of truffles per year in his dishes. The restaurant has a large terrace, three dining areas, aromatic gardens, and an outdoor swimming pool. It is a favorite hangout of some of the most acclaimed and famous chefs in France including Bocuse, Ducasse, Troigros, Loiseau, and Verge who are all friends of Chef Bruno.       
An important town during the Middle Ages, Lorgues still has much of its ancient structures and buildings in tact including a medieval wall and defensive portes. At the heart of Var in the midst of lavender fields, ocres, cicada-airs, and sun-laden vineyards, sits one of the most desirable dining tables that gastronomy fans flock to from all over the world. At the entrance of the restaurant is a fresco that reads: âShare the, the wine and the truffle. According to him. It is a must that food should speak to the heart.â Unlike other restaurants that scrimp on truffles and place only a pinch on a dish that you can hardly taste it, at Chez Bruno, the prized fungus is generously and lavishly used on the dishes.
Rooms are also available and include a continental breakfast. Other amenities in the premises include a sauna and a hot tube, a stylish bar, and an on-site shop selling truffles.
Chez Bruno, Lorgues, France
L' Ermitage, Montreux, Switzerland

LâErmitage is a temple of gastronomy and one of the finest restaurants in Switzerland. The Krebs family transformed the 19th century âmaison bourgeoisieâ into a luxurious place to stay and dine surrounded by a lush park in the midst of the lakefront suburb of Clarens in Montreaux, Switzerland, at the border of the Lake Leman.  
Montreaux is the jewel of the Swiss Riviera and is famous for its Middle-Age castle of Chillon, its international jazz festival, and an essential gastronomic destination in large part because of LâErmitage and the efforts of Chef Ettiene Krebs and wife Isabella. Awarded the 1995 best cook by the Gault Milau Guide, Chef Etienne Krebs was given a score of 17 out of 21. He was also given a Michelin star for his sophisticated and creative cuisine. LâErmitage is a member of the prestigious Grandes Tables de Suisse.     
A son of a peasant, Chef Etienne has a passion for fresh produce and local ingredients. Some of the unique dishes served in the restaurant include Filet of fera fish from the nearby lake with capers and artichoke hearts, Foie gras with celery casserole, Baby crawfish in tomato and olive oil salad, Supreme thigh of wild duckling with mashed potatoes and sautéed mushrooms, and Roast lamb with aromatic Alpine herbs.  The restaurant also offers an impressive wine list to pair with the dishes.  

Guests from all over the world flock to LâErmitage to sample the exquisite cuisine of Chef Etienne Krebs. Famous guests who have dined at the elegant tables of LâErmitage include record producer Quincy Jones and the president of Switzerland. The dining room is beautifully painted with warm and cool tones to represent the water and the sun, since the place is situated in between sea and sky. Rattan furniture gives the restaurant a warm, cosy and country vibe. Guests can also dine at the terrace overlooking the lake.
L' Ermitage, Montreux, Switzerland
Le Noirmont, Switzerland

Located in the district of Franches-Montagnes in the canton of Jura in Switzerland, Le Noirmont is surrounded with natural beauty and is rich in flora and fauna. You donât need to go deep into the woods to enjoy nature because it is everywhere the moment you step out of the doorstep. There are plenty of footpaths for taking easy morning strolls as well as challenging routes for hiking and exploring the natural wonders around and near the vicinity. 
There are streams, springs, and marshy zones to discover in Le Noirmont. The cliffs at les Rochers des Sommêtres, the slopes down to the Doubs River, and the splendid la Goule are some of the sights that should not be missed. There is also an âemposieux,â which are circular geological depressions that are linked to an underground network of fissures. Near Saignelégier is the beautiful la Gruère Lake, a nature reserve. 
Saignelégier et les Franches-Montagnes is about thirty minutes from Bienne or La Chaux-de-Fonds. It is a High-Plateau with an altitude of 1000 meters and lots of wide-open spaces for horses to roam around. Cows and sheep also graze freely. There are plenty of outdoors and leisure activities in the area including cross-country skiing, water-skiing, bicycling. Indoor tennis, horse riding, swimming and ice-skating are also popular activities.  
First mentioned in 1454 as Noirmont, Le Noirmont was formerly known as Schwarzenberg, which is a German name that is no longer used.  The idyllic village has about 1,600 residents and is the second largest village in the Franches-Montagnes region after Saignelégier, which has about 2,000 residents. Most of the region is agricultural but watch making is also an important economic activity. Le Noirmont is situated on the axis of the âWatch Valley,â which runs across Jura and is known as a land of high precision since the 18th century.
Le Noirmont, Switzerland
Le Mas de Peint, Arles

A seventeenth century farmhouse transformed into a charming hotel and gourmet restaurant, Le Mas de Peint in Arles at the heart of Camargue is a rustic getaway with all the amenities of a luxury establishment. The homestead of Jacques and Lucille Bon, Le Mas de Peint is a labor of love and tradition. The property is covered in ivy and surrounded with crops of Camargue rice that Jacqueâs family has been growing for generations. In the 500-hectare estate, Jacques also raises semi-wild long-horned bulls for a local bullfighting tradition called the âCourse à la Cocarde.â He is a well-known âManadierâ in Carmague. 
Lucille Bon is a designer and architect in contrast, balancing the rough and wild nature of the place. The eight rooms and three suites in Le Mas are elegantly decorated with contemporary furnishings, exposed pine beams, antique fixtures, delicate fabrics, chic bathrooms, thick and fluffy towels, and soft colors of pinks and bright colors of greens. The rooms at Le Mas de Peint have been featured in various magazines including Elle, Cote Sud, Marie Claire, Homes & Gardens, Joyce, and Gault Millau.     
The cuisine is based on local and fresh ingredients especially local beef, Mediterranean seafood, and the famous Camargue red rice. The dining are consists of large round tables arranged right in the middle of the kitchen so that guests can see the chef and crew cook the dishes. The gastronomic restaurant is well known in the area and reservations are a must especially if you are not staying here.
The large property is best explored by horseback or at the wheel of a 4x4. It is also an extraordinary place for meetings and big events like weddings or birthday celebrations. Le Mas de Peint is an unforgettable place for romantic occasions and ideal for quiet meditation and utmost relaxation.
Le Mas de Peint, Arles

Cooking Recipe Videos

There are many ways to improve your cooking skills: reading great cookbooks, taking cooking classes, and good old fashioned practice in the kitchen are traditional methods. But these days, online cooking recipe videos are another excellent resource for aspiring chefs. Here's how to get the most from the cooking videos you encounter.

Find Them

There are lots of cooking recipe videos out there, but not all are created equal. Before you spend time watching any, consider the source. If you want to widen your cooking horizons, videos featuring famous chefs are a must. Such chefs might include television personalities (who may or may not have formal cooking backgrounds), cooking legends (like Julia Child, Graham Kerr, and Wolfgang Puck), or Michelin star-awarded chefs who've impressed the cooking world with their expertise and talent.

Live Demos

Once you find cooking recipe videos by esteemed chefs, you will probably discover you learn the most if you watch the videos more than once. In the first viewing, you'll likely only get the overall picture of what the chef is doing. If you watch the video once or twice more, you may notice and remember details you didn't before.

Bear in mind that you're not just learning how to make a particular recipe. You're also hoping to learn cooking techniques you can rely upon for other dishes. For example, you might see a Michelin chef chop up food in a faster, simpler way than you've ever seen before. Or you might see how a meal is flambéed. Or you might learn a new way to cook meat so it's crisp on the outside and tender and juice on the inside. There is nothing quite like a live demo, to make those techniques stick in your brain and come to life next time you are in the kitchen.

Share it

Although cooking recipe videos are helpful and educational, they're also fun. You can make them even more entertaining by sharing them with friends. What does your best friend think about trying to make a flambéed meal with you? Does she have a funny story to tell about attempting this on her own? Does your work mate drool over gourmet desserts as much as you do? Are you and your friends inspired by a certain video to try a pot luck gourmet party? Let cooking videos be part of you and your friends online entertainment, and you'll have fun while you improve your cooking skills.

Try it Out

After watching cooking recipe videos, it's a great idea to make the recipes in your own kitchen. The best cooking video websites also have printed recipes to go along with their videos. Print one out and give the recipe your best go.

Or, you could just try out one or two techniques you learned by watching a great chef. For example, maybe you've never tried blanching vegetables before. After watching a chef demonstrate this on a video, you can try the technique almost any time you're preparing veggies.